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15 January 2007

When It Is All You Do ...

I will most likely say this many more times in life - we moved ... again!
The move only took a month and a half - yet other than a few minor details with some of the utility companies the move is over ... for now!

I hope that in the next few months that things will start to soomth out with the turblance that has made such a rough go of all that my family has attempted in the past few years.

14 November 2006

I Made Music ...

I have not posted in some time now due to the demands that daily life places upon me - however - I have now found out that I too can make music ... music for all to hear and experience.

Ocean Moods ...

Walk Now ...

Should you wish - you may download a zip file of my
audio productions
by way of the link posted

Boards and Nails : Audio Publications

07 September 2006

Homo Sapieus Stupidiecus

The directions that follow are to be used when the eradication
of stupid people becomes a need of paramount proportion

01 - obtain one case of vodka
02 - obtain one case of pineapple fragmentation grenades
03 - have mass of homo sapieus stupidiecus consume vodka
04 - have mass of homo sapieus stupidiecus pratice with grenades

The conclusion of this exercise will result in the total eradication of all
nearby masses of Homo Sapieus Stupidiecus populations - thereby leaving the remainder of the human race to function much more easily with out the unnecessary involvement of stupid persons.

31 August 2006

Send Me Messages ...

I have installed a new messaging tool and would like to tell anyone who would like to send voice or text messages to me that all you need to do is access the very first link in the links listed directly below the profile link on the right side of this page. The link is a red one.

I hope that this new tool will be usefull and enjoyable to all who decide to send me a message by way of direct voice or text messaging tools.

So send me a message ...

26 August 2006

The Daily Quotes ...

Q U O T E : 0001

The danger from computers is not that they will eventually get as smart as men ... but we will meanwhile agree to meet them halfway. BERNARD AVISHAI

Q U O T E : 0002

The real question is not whether machines think ...
but whether men do.

Q U O T E : 0003

Men are born ignorant ... not stupid. They are made stupid ...
by education.

Q U O T E : 0004

The problem is not that there are problems. The problem is ...
expecting otherwise and thinking that having problems is a problem. THEODORE RUBIN

25 August 2006

Me In Videos ...

I know that I have not posted in some time now.
I have had some very difficult things to attend to and am preparing to embark upon many changes to my life as it is. I have ... however ... discovered some videos that I would much wish to share with the world.

Video : 0001 " The Original Think Different Commerical "
Apple Computers

In this video I see who I am and how I see people as a whole.

Apple Computers Incorporated

Video : 0002 " The Super Computer Of Super Computers "
Apple Computers

I believe this video speeks for all computers of the universe ... human errors.

Apple Computers Incorporated

04 August 2006

Sleep Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z ...

How tired I am
So tired
Too tired to tell you I am tired
So now you should know I am tired
I think I will sleep now


A Full House ...

I found this business only a few weeks ago and ever since I have had nothing but wonderful service from great people who know how business should be done ... for the customers. I would tell anyone who has the opertunity to do so choose Storage Village for all of your overflow needs ... commercial or residential they will have what you need at a better price than the other providers in the area and will offer you an exceptionally clean facility staffed by wonderfuly courteous employees who will take whatever measures possible to provide the customer with exactly what they need. I tell you ... go to the village people ... Storage Village that is!

Storage Village